Debt-Free Future

The Debt-Free Future Campaign

Recognizing that inequality cannot be addressed without addressing the role debt has on working people, Jobs With Justice launched the Debt-Free Future Campaign in the fall of 2012. The campaign challenges the growing student debt crisis and its economic impact on recent college graduates, working individuals and families across the country. Student debt is increasing at a record pace at a time when wages have remained stagnant and unemployment remains stubbornly high. It is also the most difficult type of debt for individuals to escape under current laws and regulations. Debt-Free Future aims to address the debt-based economy by eliminating the burden of student debt by increasing access to existing debt-relief and flexible repayment options. Our work includes supporting tens of thousands of people enrolling into these debt-relief programs, advocating for their expansion, hosting trainings about debt-relief options and pushing the Department of Education to promote these alternatives.

About The American Federation of Teachers

AFT logoThe American Federation of Teachers, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, was founded in 1916 and today represents 1.6 million members in more than 3,000 local affiliates nationwide.

Five divisions within the AFT represent the broad spectrum of the AFT’s membership: pre-K through 12th-grade teachers; paraprofessionals and other school-related personnel; higher education faculty and professional staff; federal, state and local government employees; and nurses and other healthcare professionals. In addition, the AFT represents approximately 80,000 early childhood educators and nearly 250,000 retiree members.

Our Mission

The American Federation of Teachers is a union of professionals that champions fairness; democracy; economic opportunity; and high-quality public education, healthcare and public services for our students, their families and our communities. We are committed to advancing these principles through community engagement, organizing, collective bargaining and political activism, and especially through the work our members do.


AFSCME logoAFSCME is the nation’s largest and fastest growing public services employees union. AFSCME’s members provide the vital services that make America happen. We are nurses, corrections officers, child care providers, EMTs, sanitation workers and more. With working members in hundreds of different occupations and retirees across the country, AFSCME advocates for fairness in the workplace, excellence in public services and prosperity and opportunity for all working families.

AFSCME is a union comprised of a diverse group of people who share a common commitment to public service. For us, serving the public is not just a job, it’s a calling. An important part of our mission is to advocate for the vital services that keep our families safe and make our communities strong. We also advocate for prosperity and opportunity for all of America’s working families. We not only stand for fairness at the bargaining table — we fight for fairness in our communities and in the halls of government.

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